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With the 360Care system you can automate your collections immediately by processing transactions on your PC.


Use 360Care to Simplify your Accounts receivable process with our maintenance free software solution!


Let 360Care put the power of collections in your hands using the latest in Payments technology!



360Care partners with DoctorSites

DoctorSites will provide 360Care members with exclusive benefits and promotional offers.


More reasons to use 360Care

A foreign hacker has stolen 3.6 million Social Security numbers and 387,000 credit and debit card numbers...


Patient Data Breaches

Patient data risks will grow with the increased use of mobile technology and social media sites.

Stop chasing patient payments NOW!

360Care leverages our cloud based processing engine to capture, process and store customer and payment data at the time of co-pay. By providing a PCI compliant identifier for each transaction, a practice can use a web based interface to reuse the payment data to proactively collect payments owed to the physician after insurance adjudication. Based upon a study provided by Deloitte Global Services (an industry leader in accounting services and business process analysis), physicians fail to collect on $125 Billion of services provided.

Learn how to revolutionize your office productivity.

Most physicians continue to leverage outdated business processes like paper invoicing and traditional collection contractors.

Establish more efficient collection methods

Our software enables the practice to efficiently collect on their services by simply processing the payments using the data that was collected at the time of co-payment and/or service.